Message from the Editorial Board

The latest figures show that The Portal has an average readership of 7,300 every month, an increase of nearly 1,000 on the average for last year! The Ordinariate report Growing Up, Growing Out discovered that many copies of The Portal are downloaded and printed every month, left in the church porch or given to those without internet access. This means that our true readership is far greater than the advertised figure.

We have produced a Special Edition of The Portal in a format that can be printed as an 8 page booklet on A4 paper for those who wish to give other people an idea of what The Portal is each month. This can be printed as in colour or in grey-scale.

To print in grey-scale (and thus save on printer ink!), when you are ready to print the PDF file select Print to open the Print menu on your computer, then select Properties next to the name of your printer and under the Colour tab, and finally select Greyscale or Black and White.

The Portal magazine is published on-line on the first day of every month and is totally free! Of course, it is not free at all; it costs money to produce. The people who produce The Portal do so free of charge, but there are costs nevertheless. There are IT costs, telephone and postage costs, visiting the various groups and doing interviews all incur costs; and all so that we may bring you the best of Ordinariate news every month.

To stop The Portal becoming a drain on the finances of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, we ask each one of our readers to contribute a minimum of £12 a year.

We are sure that you will find The Portal magazine wonderful value at £12 a year. To make a donation please go to our Donate page and follow the simple instructions OR use the form on the back page of the Special Edition.

Finally, thank you for your support for The Portal.

The Editorial Board:
Ronald Crane and Jackie Ottaway (Co-Editors),
David Chapman, Cyril Wood, Fr Len Black,
Fr Neil Chatfield and Dr Gill James

The Portal Special Edition
8 page sampler

Click here to download the
Special Edition Portal in
single page A4 format